Copy-trading for BitMEX is now available on the Aluna.Social trading terminal.

Connect your BitMEX account to Aluna.Social, view the verified trading history of other traders, and choose to automagically copy the top crypto traders.

If you’re already an experienced trader, you can earn rewards for sharing your trades on Aluna.Social and climbing the leaderboard!

Aluna.Social is an open and transparent gamified social trading network trusted by over 30,000 crypto traders and investors.

Why Aluna.Social?

Whether you’re an experienced trader, or a newbie to crypto trading, with Aluna.Social you have the potential to enhance your trading performance.

Aluna.Social is kind of…

Dear Tokenholders of Aluna,

We are excited to announce the birth of AlunaDAO, marking an important milestone on our path of progressive decentralization.

The AlunaDAO is owned and governed by the community of ALN token holders. AlunaDAO’s treasury has been seeded with 45M ALN, and will accrue fees from future cash flows of the Aluna ecosystem.

AlunaDAO members will collectively make protocol and ecosystem governance decisions, beginning with treasury management, that aim to create long-term value for the DAO and its owners, and benefit the ecosystem and its participants.

Our first snapshot proposal, AIP-1, is up for voting, and will…

To celebrate our ALN token listing on, integration of onto the Aluna.Social trading terminal, and the recent 100,000 $ALN Liquidity Mining Reward Pool, we’ve teamed up with on a $500 ALN Giveaway!

Anyone can participate, and it only takes a few minutes!

How to Participate:

1. Follow and like Aluna.Social on Twitter:

2. Take a short quiz about Aluna Liquidity Mining Program on, and answer all the questions correctly:

HINT: All the answers can be found in this article:


25 lucky winners will get $20 worth of ALN each. The winners will be announced on Aluna’s official Twitter and Telegram channels on October 8, 2021.

Official Aluna.Social Channels:

Token Website:



Telegram Announcement:

Telegram Group:

To celebrate our recent integration of onto the Aluna.Social trading terminal, Aluna has teamed up with to launch a new Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool for ALN, with Liquidity Mining Rewards and annualized yield of up to 2,391.9% today.

Anyone can now easily become a market maker and earn attractive rewards! Get started here:

On top of earning fees for being a liquidity provider (LP), a bonus of 50% of the ALN spot market trading fees are added to the AMM Reward Pool. …

On September 2, 2021, Aluna.Social was invited to do an AMA in the Polygon Community!

Here’s a quick recap of what was discussed between our Co-founders Alvin Lee and Henrique Matias, and the Polygon Team and community.

Polygon: To begin, please tell us something about yourself.

Alvin: Hi everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here today! My name is Alvin Lee, and along with Henrique Matias, we are the Co-founders of Aluna.Social. …

Dear Aluna community,

Last week, 4 of DAO Maker’s vesting contracts with no burn feature were exploited, despite being audited by three firms (RD Ventures, Hacken, and Certik). The companies that were affected are DeRace, Showcase, CoinsPaid, and Ternoa.

Aluna’s vesting contract is safe and not affected by this bug as our vesting contracts have a burn feature.

Aluna Vesting Contracts Discontinued

However, since previous audits could not find the exploited bug and there is no certainty that other contracts are 100% safe, DAO Maker has decided to stop all smart contract operations indefinitely to ensure the guaranteed safety of our investors and the…

Last week, SushiSwap turned 1 year old! 🥳

It has been an absolute pleasure watching SushiSwap evolve from the Chef Nomi days into the DeFi powerhouse it is today. The Sushi team and community have been pivotal to the transformation of the cryptocurrency landscape over the past year, and continue to pave the way for DAOs all around the world.

To celebrate Sushi’s Birthday, we are proud to share that $ALN is now listed on SushiSwap!

The ALN/ETH pair on Sushi has been seeded with $100K of liquidity, including 500,000 ALN from the Ecosystem Fund. …

The BitMEX trading competition on Aluna.Social starts 24th August 2021, with up to 100,000 ALN rewards up for grabs! This campaign will run for 8 weeks, and rewards will be distributed after the campaign ends.

This new event features an upgraded rewards calculation mechanism, as well as a facelift to our interface.

🏁 How to Participate?

Anyone with a free Aluna.Social account can take part.

To qualify, head to the Trading Competition page and complete 3 simple steps:

You first need to complete your KYC…

Dear Alunauts,

We are proud to announce that the Aluna token has been successfully bridged to Polygon and is now listed on QuickSwap! 🎉

The WETH-ALN pair on QuickSwap has been seeded with $50,000+ of liquidity, including 350,000 ALN from the Ecosystem Fund.

This article also provides a simple guide for:

  • Using the Polygon network with MetaMask
  • Bridging Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to and from Polygon
  • Executing Swaps on QuickSwap
  • Adding Liquidity on QuickSwap

ALN x Polygon x QuickSwap: Fast swaps. Cheap fees.

Anyone can now buy ALN on QuickSwap’s decentralized exchange, while enjoying lightning fast swaps with near-zero gas fees powered by Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution.

You can also…

On August 5th we invited our Co-Founders Alvin Lee and Henrique Matias for an ask me anything (AMA) session in our official telegram group. The team shed light on the upcoming ALN exchange listings, PRO subscription plans, the distribution of the Ecosystem Fund, the utility of the ALN token, security of API keys, marketing plans, and much more! At the end of the AMA, the community also got to participate and ask their most pending questions.

Here’s a recap of all the questions and answers from the session. Enjoy!

Host: Thank you all for joining us for this AMA with the Aluna.Social team!

As you may know, Aluna has been putting out regular Quarterly…


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