ALN Private Sale, Revised Token Metrics and Roadmap

We have updated ALN’s allocation, metrics, and tokenomics based on recent developments shared here. Refer to our Whitepaper V1.5 for the full details.

This post covers the revised token allocation, token sale and private sale breakdown, then highlights some tokenomics changes, and ends off with our roadmap for the next 4 quarters.

Revised ALN Token Allocation

ALN Token Allocation as of 25th February 2021

ALN Token Sale Overview

Note: All vesting is linear (by block) and starts from date of exchange listing.

Unsold tokens will be added to the Treasury.

ALN Token Private Sale Overview

5% of total supply (5,000,00 ALN) is allocated for the Private Sale, at the price of $0.08/ALN. Tokens will be locked up until exchange listing, followed by 6 months of linear vesting (by block).

Private Sale conditions:

  • Minimum contribution: US$10,000
  • Accepted currencies: ETH and ERC-20 (WBTC, DAI, USDC and USDT)
  • Restricted jurisdictions: USA and other sanctioned countries

ALN Token: Tokenomics Highlights

  1. Bootstrap the ALN community, ecosystem, utility and liquidity.
  2. Fuel the incentive and gamification mechanisms of ALN-powered products and services.
  3. Coordinate decentralised governance and reward the community of governors.

Here we highlight some new incentive mechanisms in our latest Whitepaper, namely the Aluna.Social Performance Pool, and ALN’s value accrual design with the addition of the Rewards Pool.

For more information about other incentive mechanisms such as participation mining, holding and staking rewards, refer to our latest Whitepaper.

Aluna.Social Performance Pool

Rewards Pool

Refer to our latest Whitepaper for more information.

Aluna Roadmap: 2021

Here’s our roadmap for the next 4 quarters:

Refer to section 7 in our Whitepaper for the long term roadmap.

The next-generation gamified social trading terminal: