ALN Token Generation Event (TGE) and Exchange Listing on & Uniswap

ALN Public Sale: SHO Results

3,000,000 ALN was sold out during DAO Maker’s Strong Holder Offering (SHO) held from 1st March to 8th March 2021. A total of $300,000 was raised from 2,342 participants across three rounds:

  1. 1,000,000 ALN on Startup:
    • 1,822 contributors
    • 1.75M DAO locked up for 10 days (9.3% of circulating DAO, worth $7M)
  2. 1,850,000 ALN on SHO Merit Round:
    • 370 contributors from 1,868 qualified participants (505% oversubscribed)
    • 5.8M DAO staked (30% of circulating DAO, worth $23M)
  3. 150,000 ALN on SHO Community Round:
    • 150 contributors from 30,000+ submissions (20,000%+ oversubscribed)

ALN Token Generation Event (TGE)

What’s happening at TGE?

  • New ALN token contract address created
  • Allocations separated into their respective wallets
  • Initial circulating tokens distributed to participants (~10% of ALN supply)
  • Two exchange listings with three trading pairs
  • Vesting contracts deployed and tokens vested (~90% of ALN supply)
  • Claim UI (Toll Bridge) available for claiming vested tokens [Coming soon]

ALN Token Contract Address

The new Aluna (ALN) token contract address is:

ALN Initial Distribution

10.05% of the total ALN supply will be distributed before the ALN Exchange Listing. You need not do anything if you participated in any of these rounds, as you will receive the unlocked tokens directly in your wallet.

  • 1,840,000 ALN — Strategic Sale (20% unlocked)
  • 2,214,860 ALN — Early Adopters (20% unlocked)
  • 3,000,000 ALN — Public Sale (SHO)
  • 3,000,000 ALN — Ecosystem Fund

ALN Exchange Listing: & Uniswap

On Monday, March 15th, 2021, at 10AM UTC, ALN token will be available for trading on:

ALN Vesting Smart Contracts

60.54% of the total ALN supply is secured by the AlunaTokenVesting.sol contract, and has been deployed for the following allocations:

  • 11,538,825 ALN — Ecosystem Fund
  • 35,000,000 ALN — Treasury
  • 14,000,000 ALN — Team & Advisors

ALN Toll Bridge Vesting Smart Contracts

The remaining 29.41% of the total ALN supply will be secured by DAO Maker’s Toll Bridge Vesting contract, and deployed for the following allocations:

  • 9,000,000 ALN — Seed Sale (Vested over 12 months)
  • 4,186,875 ALN — Private Sale (Vested over 6 months)
  • 7,360,000 ALN — Strategic Sale (80% vested over 6 months)
  • 8,859,440 ALN — Early Adopters (80% vested over 6 months)

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