ALN Token Private Sale Claim and Toll Bridge Guide

How to Claim Your Unlocked ALN Tokens

Unlocked tokens from the ALN private sale rounds can be claimed via the Claim UI which interacts with the vesting smart contract.

Please take into consideration that claiming tokens will require paying network fees. Thus make sure to have some ETH in your wallet.

You can start claiming your ALN tokens on 15th May 2021 at 10AM UTC by following these steps:

  1. Head to the Claim UI
  2. Connect your whitelisted wallet via MetaMask (the address you supplied for receiving the ALN tokens)
  3. After connecting your whitelisted wallet, a claim option will show up. If your wallet is not whitelisted, you will be denied.
  4. You can click claim and proceed with the transaction via MetaMask
  5. After the transaction is done, tokens will arrive in your whitelisted wallet
  6. To view ALN in your MetaMask, add a custom token using the following contract address: 0x8185bc4757572da2a610f887561c32298f1a5748

Toll Bridge (Claiming Vested Tokens)

The Toll Bridge gives ALN investors the option to unlock a part, or all of their vested tokens. As part of the process the investors pay a toll fee. The toll fee is fixed at 60% of the vested tokens, which are then burned.

Alternatively, investors have the option to stay committed to the vesting schedule as per here, and as a result receive the unlocked tokens every 30 days until all vested tokens are unlocked.

How to Use Toll Bridge:

  1. To use Toll Bridge, head to the Claim UI
  2. Connect your whitelisted wallet via MetaMask
  3. The Claim and Toll Bridge option will show up
  4. Fill in the amount you want to unlock from your vested portion
  5. Click “Unlock & burn”
  6. The pop-up window with the details will show up. If you wish to proceed, click “Unlock & burn”
  7. You can then perform the rest of the transaction via MetaMask

Please note that claiming your vested tokens through the toll bridge will burn 60% of those tokens forever.

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