Aluna AMA Roadshow Recap

8 min readMar 18, 2021


While Aluna’s Public Sale (SHO) was underway, we’ve had the pleasure of doing a virtual AMA roadshow, participating in 7 AMAs in 5 days! A big thank you to all the hosts and communities for having us, it was a highly enjoyable experience, and the response we received from communities was astounding.

Individual AMA Recaps

4 March, 2021: EncryptClub

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4–7th March, 2021: Vietnam AMA Series

9 March, 2021: [Start] [End]

Aluna AMA Roadshow Recap

If you haven’t had the chance to join the AMAs above, we’ve got a recap for you covering the most interesting questions. Enjoy!

Q1. What is your vision for Aluna Social, and what is Auna in a nutshell?

“Aluna” means “Mother Earth” according to the ancient Kogi people, who believe that people, other living things, and nature are all connected.

In the same way, we want Aluna.Social to connect the crypto trading community in a transparent social environment where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Our vision for Aluna Social is to gamify finance for the Web 3.0 era. And our mission is to help aspiring crypto traders to unleash their full potential, and help them achieve financial freedom through the cryptocurrency markets.

We aim to do this by:

  • Improving transparency between traders,
  • Establishing a trading community incentivized to share data, and
  • Creating an environment to leverage positive social feedback loops.

Our flagship platform, Aluna Social:

  • Rewards top traders financially and reputationally, and
  • Enables beginners to learn from and auto-copy the world’s best traders.

The platform is powered by our utility token $ALN.

Q2. What’s the story behind Aluna? Where does the idea come from?

Our Co-Founded Alvin Lee, has been trading Crypto since 2013, and as most traders do, he quickly realized that there is a lack of trust and transparency on social media networks and crypto trading communities. Anyone could say things like “Bitcoin is going to $100,000 this year”, or “I made 100x on this or that coin,” but it’s hard to know if he actually puts his money where his mouth is.

With the constant noise on social media and the overwhelming flood of information, it’s difficult for newcomers to know who and what to trust, and who to learn from to become better traders.

So we created Aluna Social to solve the problems that we ourselves faced as crypto traders, and Aluna is the tool and guide that we wish we had when we first started learning about trading crypto.

Q3. Who is the team behind Aluna Social?

Alvin Lee is the Co-founder of Aluna Social. His background is in Digital Marketing, he has a BBA from the National University of Singapore, and an MA in Media & Business.

He’s been trading Crypto since 2013, and started out writing a blog about crypto trading that has seen over 1M views. He’s also quite deeply involved on Crypto-Twitter and has about 60K+ followers on Twitter.

Henrique Matias is our COO & Co-founder. Henrique started writing algorithms for crypto trading in 2014, participated in the first Solidity workshops, and was one of the first developers to work on Ethfinex (now DeversiFi).

We also have our core team:

  • CTO, Anderson Arboleya;
  • Head of Marketing, Kate Alippa;
  • Full Stack Developer Filipe Dias; and
  • Product Designer, Alex Beltechi.

More recently, we have also onboarded 6 more members to our technical team; two front-end engineers, one full-stack developer, one DevOps architect, and two design system ops.

Q4. There are other Social trading platforms out there, what makes Aluna Social different from competitors?

Although Aluna Social shares some of the characteristics of competitors, Aluna is one of a kind.

Here’s what sets Aluna apart from the competition:

  • The concepts of copy-trading, prediction games, and social networks are not new to the crypto space. But Aluna Social has integrated them in a unique way — with a polished UX, adding trust and transparency to trading, as well as gamification mechanics to incentivise users to play games and trade assets in its ecosystem.
  • Aluna is non-custodial — we are not an exchange or brokerage — we do not hold your funds at any point in time.
  • Aluna’s co-founders have been trading Crypto since 2013, and have a deep understanding of the crypto market and the problems faced by crypto traders.
  • Aluna has a unique incentive mechanism that realigns interests between leader traders and followers.
  • Last but not least, we have a live working product. Aluna is the first-to-market social trading terminal with complete transparency, copy trading, gamification and rewards.

Q5. What is Aluna’s security mechanism to protect user’s information and prevent it from being attacked?

We take a rigorous approach towards our testing process and security standards.

To keep your API keys secure: We save and transact users’ keys always encrypted, so even if someone gained access to them, they would be unreadable and useless. Our system automatically decrypts them as required, in a realtime and decentralized manner, using multiple levels of security through a chain-like strategy, and keys are never stored decrypted anywhere at any given moment.

When it comes to smart contracts: We don’t believe in risking millions of dollars on untested and unaudited code, and always make sure everything is going as expected in a test-net environment before releasing to production.

Aluna Social platform recently completed a successful Security and Smart Contract Audit by CertiK:

Q6. How are top traders rewarded for their contribution to the platform?

Top traders are rewarded reputationally and financially through various campaigns:

1. Climb the Leaderboard for Ultimate Bragging Rights

This could be you

2. Regular Participation Mining Campaigns, for example:

3. Monthly Trading Competitions, which will start in Q2 this year.

4. Performance Pool, which will launch in Q3 of 2021, and be distributed monthly to all profitable traders on Aluna.

5. Referral Fees for introducing friends and networks to Aluna.

Q7. Why does Aluna Social need a token to run the platform? Is it necessary?

In the same way that an exchange doesn’t need a token, until Binance popularized it; We need to rethink how tokens can create more value for communities and companies.

As we transition from the Web 2.0 era to the Web 3.0 era, it is naive to think that “all tokens are scams”.

How should a post-Bitcoin world look like for a digital community?

A simplistic way to look at tokens and especially DAOs, is like membership cards/clubs 2.0 for the “Internet of Value”. And especially more recently… you can see the trend of tokens that have actual cash flow, and capture value for token holders.

In the same way, $ALN is designed to capture value created by ALN-powered products or smart contracts.

A properly-designed token economy is extremely effective in bootstrapping, incentivizing, and rewarding a Community — who all share a common interest and vision for a product.

Taking the core functions of ALN into consideration, this makes Aluna Social unique and much more than just a trading platform.

Q8. What’s the utility of the ALN token, and the benefits for its holders?

ALN token is the utility token at the heart of the Aluna ecosystem. ALN is community-owned and self-governed through the Aluna DAO.

The core functions of the ALN token are to:

1. Bootstrap the ALN community, ecosystem, utility and liquidity.

2. Fuel the incentive and gamification mechanisms of ALN-powered products and services.

3. Coordinate decentralised governance and reward the community of governors.

ALN tokens can be earned as rewards, spent against monthly subscription fees, and used to play prediction games, stake, farm, and govern.

Holders who have at least 1,337 ALN in their MetaMask wallet will be able to join the private token-permissioned chat groups on Telegram and Discord.

Holders can get further benefits by staking ALN to:

  • Get access to premium features on Aluna.Social and other ALN-powered platforms
  • Get fee discounts and earn airdrop bonuses
  • Earn from the Rewards Pool
  • Participate in Governance
  • Manage the Treasury

Q9. Do $ALN holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on?

Yes, $ALN holders will be able to participate in governance of Aluna Social. 65% of the total ALN supply is distributed over 3 years to the community who will govern the remaining 35% held in the treasury.

Up to 50% of the revenue from the Aluna.Social platform goes to reward profitable traders, community members who stake ALN, and to the community-owned Treasury.

Community can take part in governance by staking tokens in the governance contract, to vote on certain matters such as:

  • ALN Protocol parameters (e.g. Burn x% of tokens)
  • Usage of treasury (e.g. Distribute y% to ALN stakers, or provide reward/grant to develop new products for the Aluna ecosystem)

We aim to transition from a centrally-governed project to one that is 100% decentralized, community-owned, and self-governed, over the next 3–5 years.

Q10. Does Aluna have a business model that is sustainable in the long term? What are your sources of income?

Aluna Social business model is split into two streams:

  1. Subscription fees for the Aluna.Social trading terminal, and
  2. DeFi System fees coming from DeFi social trading.

Q11. What were your major milestones in the last 12 months?

  • Launch of our long awaited Copy Trading and Counter Trading features.
  • Integration with 5 exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex and BitMEX.
  • Successful Security and Smart Contract Audit by CertiK.
  • 16,500+ Platform users.
  • Trading volume increased by 50% month-on-month to $4M+ per month.
  • AUM has grown 10x over the last 6 months to $8.5M+.
  • 14,000+ Twitter followers and 10,000+ Telegram members
  • Our Token Seed Sale and Private Sale were oversubscribed, raising $1 Million.
  • Partnerships with some of the industry’s top players: 100x Group, Genesis Block Ventures, DEXTForce Explore, DXdao, DAOMaker, and Labs.

Q12. In terms of your Roadmap, what are your plans for the future?

Things are only just starting! We have ambitious plans for 2021 and beyond including:

  • Trading Competitions
  • PRO Subscription and Membership Service
  • $ALN token listing on various exchanges
  • BitMEX Copy Trading
  • More CEX integrations, including Binance Futures, FTX, Bybit and more…
  • Automation via Trading View
  • DEX integrations
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Staking and Holder Benefits
  • Governance (Aluna DAO)
  • DeFi social trading
  • Open Source Front End and Exchange Library

Q13. Last but not least, when and where will the ALN token be listed?

ALN will be listed on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) next week. Join our Telegram announcement channel @aluna_ann to get the news first!

Shortly after, ALN will be listed on several Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and our Liquidity Mining campaign will begin.