Aluna Community Update #2: Recap of Q1 2021

  • 5x increase of platform users to 27,000+
  • 16x increase in monthly trading volume to $16.3M+
  • 10x increase in AUM to $8.5M+
  • 14,900+ Twitter followers
  • 15,000+ Telegram members across our EN and local groups
  • DAO Maker — an incubator that creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups — who we’ve partnered with for our Public Sale and beyond.
  • DextForce Explorer — an experienced group of DeFi traders and investors powered by and DEXT token — who contribute support and investment to early stage projects well positioned for success.
  • DXdao — a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for community governance of software protocols — who we’ve partnered with to advance platform growth, new product offerings, and decentralized governance.
  • Labs — a start-up accelerator that supports talented entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas — who have contributed seed investment and ongoing coaching to help us meet our milestones.
  • Uniswap ALN/ETH Liquidity: $700K+
  • Liquidity Mining APY: 180%+
  • TVL: $500K+
  • 1,652 participants
  • $27M+ volume traded across BitMEX, Bitfinex & Poloniex
  • 11,300+ trades executed
  • Co-founder & CEO, Alvin Lee
  • Co-founder & COO, Henrique Matias
  • CTO, Anderson Arboleya
  • Head of PR & Marketing, Kate Alippa
  • Full-stack Developer Filipe Dias
  • Product Designer, Alex Beltechi
  • Launch of write-permissions for BitMEX
  • Launch 2 exchange read-only integrations e.g. Gate and Valr
  • New ALN staking and liquidity mining pools

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