Aluna Community Update #5: Recap of 2021

2021 was monumental for Aluna.Social. This was the year we saw exponential growth, broke all previous records, and hit many milestones. We would like to thank everyone for your support, loyalty, and contribution to Aluna Social, and for helping us bring our vision to reality:

“To Empower Collective Prosperity

through Crypto Trading and Investing.”

Let’s highlight our accomplishments of 2021

Read on for all the details and our plans for 2022!

🏆 Broke all Previous Records

Over the course of 2021, Aluna user-base, trading volume, and the community expanded and broke all previous records. Here’s Aluna Social in numbers as of December 31st, 2021 compared to January 1st, 2020.

Of course, none of this could have been possible without our hard-working team. In addition to 6 core members who head tech, business development, marketing, and design, we added another 6 team members to speed up the development and improvement of the Aluna ecosystem. Today, we stand 12 strong and also have 4 front-end developers, 2 designers, 3 backend developers, and a new DevOps architect on the team.

🚀Successfully launched our ALN token

We kicked off the year with the much anticipated Token Sale, generating incredible interest in the Aluna Token (ALN). Through our Seed Equity and Private Token Sale we raised $1 million from 100x Ventures (part of the 100x Group, the holding structure of BitMEX), Genesis Block Ventures, DEXTForce Explorer, Will Harborne- CEO of DeversiFi, and Joe Vezzani — CEO of LunarCRUSH. The support was phenomenal and you can read more about our backers here.

In August 2021 100X ventures invested a significant second tranche in Aluna Social.

Shortly after the Private Sale, came the Public Token Sale (Strong Holder Offering (SHO)) hosted by DAO Maker, selling out all 3,000,000 ALN and raising our goal sum of $300,000 in just a few days. The Public Token Sale was oversubscribed by 20,000%, and we were astonished by all the interest in $ALN and Aluna.

More details on the $ALN Public Sale Results can be found here.

💱Listed $ALN on 5 Exchanges

Shortly after the ALN Token Sale, we distributed $ALN to over 2,600 early adopters and investors through our TGE and listed ALN on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges including, Sushiswap, Quickswap, PancakeSwap, and DeversiFi. $ALN is currently tradable against ETH, USDT, and BNB, with more exchange listings coming soon!

*ALN is available on ETH, Polygon and BSC networks.

⚙️ Added $ALN to Portfolio Trackers & Trader Tools

To allow easy tracking of $ALN along with the rest of your crypto portfolio, we’ve added $ALN to various coin trackers, portfolio trackers, and analysis tools. Not only does it make your portfolio management easier, but it has also helped ALN to be discovered by new traders and investors.




The real-time price of $ALN is also on Etherscan.

🔒 Successfully completed ALN Token Audit by CertiK

Our team continues to place great focus on security. Early in 2021, CertiK, an edge-standards cybersecurity firm, successfully audited Aluna’s smart contracts that power the ALN ecosystem. The audit covered Aluna’s Vesting, Staking Pools, and Governance contracts, and ensured security and integrity against hacks and malfunctions across the Aluna ecosystem.

Learn more & view the Audit Report here:

🤝Partnered with Key Crypto Players

To further advance awareness, development, and expansion of Aluna Social, we strategically formed partnerships with key players in the crypto space:

🔥 Added New Features to Aluna Platform

Building and continuously improving Aluna Social platform remains our number one priority. To improve users’ trading experience we’ve completed the following:

We’re also working on some very important updates:

🥊 Launched our Trading Competition & Smashed all Trading Volume records

Sticking to our motto of building a gamified social-trading experience, we launched our first 100,000 $ALN Trading Competition in collaboration with BitMEX. The terms were simple. A trader was required to connect his/her BitMEX account to Aluna Social via API key, and trade at least $1000 in volume over an 8 week period. Easy.

Here’s how it went down:

💰 Rewarded users through Liquidity Mining, Staking & Farming

The ALN liquidity mining, staking and farming programs supplement our long-term distribution model, incentivize liquidity provision, and improve the stability of the ALN market. Last year we launched 6 such programs on Uniswap, Quickswap, Aluna Farm and which have seen incredible participation.

💬 Interviewed Top Crypto Traders

We love learning “all things trading” and believe that “Knowledge is Power.” It’s been amazing interviewing and learning from Aluna’s most successful traders through our trader interview series called “Trading Crypto to the Moon”. We even got the chance to interview some of the best traders in the wider crypto space.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the interviews for some insights!

Episode 7 with JesseOlson

Episode 6 with Wulf

Episode 5 with Cryptopathic

Episode 4 with Gorankit

Episode 3 with Astolatt

Episode 2 with Magnus

Episode 1 with Paranoid

🖼️ Dropped 2 Exclusive NFTs

We truly value the loyalty of our users and the contribution they make to growing and solidifying the Aluna ecosystem. To show our appreciation and gratitude we dropped 2 limited edition NFTs to reward and thank them: “Man on the Moon” and “Cosmic Traveller.”

“Man on the Moon” NFTs were gifted to 9 of Aluna’s most active traders on the Leaderboard, and to 1 Giveaway winner. “Cosmic Traveller,” the first of a 4-part series in the Alunaverse NFT collection, has been gifted to BitMEX Trading Competition Winners (Top 10), “Trading Crypto to the Moon” interviewees (x6), Holders of >100,000 ALN, Liquidity providers of >$10,000 worth of LP tokens, and OG Alunaut NFT holders. A few more have been saved for future Giveaway winners! Stay tuned. 😍

Learn more about Alunaverse & how you can STILL get your hands on these NFTs:

👨‍👧‍👦 Formed the Aluna DAO

One of our biggest highlights of 2021 was the formation of AlunaDAO — a community of ALN token holders who get to collectively make protocol and governance decisions. This milestone brought Aluna Social a step closer to being a 100% community-owned and self-governed decentralized project, which is a significant long-term goal of ours.

More information about AlunaDAO can be found here:

📰 Expanded our reach through Influencers & Media

It’s been an honor to be recognized and highly rated by some of the top crypto influencers and publishers in 2021. All the positive reviews and support have been much appreciated and have given us the motivation to continue to create the best social trading platform in the world! If you missed the features, here are a few of them:




ProfessorCrypto Youtube:

AltcoinBuzz Youtube:

VoscCoin Youtube:

D-Core YouTube:

Andrea Landriani (IT):


ProBlockchain (RU):

CryptoMining (RU):

CryptoDealers YouTube: (RU)

❓ Attended 9 AMA Sessions

One of our biggest challenges of the year was to become well known by crypto traders and investors. Joining “Ask me Anything” (AMAs) interviews gave us the opportunity to get discovered by crypto communities worldwide, and ask us their most pending questions about platform security, token utility, the story behind Aluna, what makes us different from competitors, and much more. Check out the AMA’s we’ve attended (you might uncover a gem or two).

DAOMaker, & others AMA Roadshow:

Polygon AMA:

Core Team AMA:

🏆Awarded Top Contributors with $20,000 in $ALN

Our Airdrops aren’t the usual type. Aluna Airdrops are intended to incentivize users to add value to the ecosystem. Our Airdrop #3 did just that. Users were required to connect their cryptocurrency exchange API keys to the Aluna.Social trading terminal and execute trades on BitMEX, Bitfinex, or Poloniex to get featured on the Aluna Leaderboard. The results were pretty awesome and helped bring awareness to Aluna:

Reflections on Airdrop #3:

Last Words

Alright, that’s it! Hopefully we didn’t lose you along the way.

We would like to again thank our community and partners for your steadfast support and for being with us throughout this long journey. Our team has been working incredibly hard to make Aluna.Social the #1 gamified, social trading platform for the Web 3.0 world. It’s incredible to see it become a reality!

👀 2022 Roadmap

Here’s what you can look forward to this year:



The next-generation gamified social investing network:

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