Aluna Liquidity Mining Program: Enlist & Earn ALN

Aluna’s genesis Liquidity Mining pool will distribute 250,000 ALN to ALN/ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap over 12 weeks, starting at 12PM UTC on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Aluna Liquidity Mining Program

The ALN liquidity mining program supplements our , incentivizes liquidity provision, and improves stability of the ALN market.

⛏️ ALN Liquidity Mining: Uniswap ALN/ETH Pool

To participate, you first need to add Liquidity to the . You will receive a in return.

Next, stake these LP tokens on the with these steps:

1. Navigate to on your PC
2. Click “UNLOCK WALLET” at the bottom and select your wallet
3. Click “Stake” at the right side of your selected
4. You should see your “ALN-ETH-LP Balance”. Click “Approve”.
5. Once confirmed. Click “Stake”

Note that staking will not be available until the Launch time stated below.

The pool address is . Do NOT send any tokens directly to the pool address, they will be lost forever. You MUST use the Stake function, or use the UI to stake them.

Once your stake is approved and your deposit confirmed, you will start earning ALN, and you can unstake at any time.

ALN rewards are allocated every minute based on the proportion of your staked tokens against the total staked tokens in the same pool.

To make the pool a fair playing field for smaller investors, there will be a maximum staking limit of 200 LP tokens (~$20,000) for the first 24 hours.

Pool details:

  • Staking token:
  • Distribution amount: 250,000 ALN
  • Effective ALN mined: ~2.067/minute, ~124.01/hour, ~2976/day
  • Distribution period: 12 weeks
  • Launch: Thursday, Mar 25, 2021, 12:00h UTC
  • End: Thursday, Jun 17, 2021, 12:00h UTC

After the first liquidity mining pool has stabilized, we will be adding new pairs on Uniswap and other DEXes, and launching new pools.

👨‍🌾 ALN Distribution Farming

Along with new liquidity mining pools, we also plan to roll out Distribution Farming which is aimed at attracting traders and investors from the wider DeFi ecosystem.

The first wave of ALN farming will be offered exclusively to Aluna’s strategic partners’ communities, enabling them to stake their native tokens to earn ALN for a limited time.

More details to come in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

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