Aluna.Social in Russian

As Aluna Social grows and expands internationally, we’re delighted to see an increasing number of Russian-speaking members join the platform and community.

If you’re new to Aluna Social or would like to better understand the platform and the ecosystem, have a look through the video and article resources we’ve put together in Russian.

Review by Crypt Mining (RU)

Review of Aluna.Social by Crypt Mining

Read a detailed review of Aluna Social platform by Crypt Mining, which includes the registration process, how to connect your exchange accounts via API, $ALN Tokenomics, Airdrop, and much more.

Note: This is an independent review by Crypt Mining

Review by Crypto Dealers (RU)

Review of Aluna.Social by Crypto Dealers

Watch this short Youtube video overview of Aluna Social by Crypto Dealers. The video summarizes the goal of Aluna Social and covers the public token sale that took place in March 2021 in partnership with DAOMaker.

Note: This is an independent review by Crypto Dealers

Review by Pro Blockchain (RU)

If you have some time to spare, watch this video by Pro Blockchain to get a detailed overview of the Aluna Social ecosystem, the vision behind the project, the trading terminal walk-through, tokenomics, and much, much more!

Aluna Social Russian Telegram Group

In addition to our official English-speaking Telegram group and our Announcement channel, we’ve created a dedicated Telegram Group for our Russian speakers where you can share trading ideas, connect with other traders, and discuss all things Aluna in Russian.

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