AlunaDAO: Birth of a New Era

5 min readSep 22, 2021


Dear Tokenholders of Aluna,

We are excited to announce the birth of AlunaDAO, marking an important milestone on our path of progressive decentralization.

The AlunaDAO is owned and governed by the community of ALN token holders. AlunaDAO’s treasury has been seeded with 45M ALN, and will accrue fees from future cash flows of the Aluna ecosystem.

AlunaDAO members will collectively make protocol and ecosystem governance decisions, beginning with treasury management, that aim to create long-term value for the DAO and its owners, and benefit the ecosystem and its participants.

Our first snapshot proposal, AIP-1, is up for voting, and will be open from 22nd September 2021 until 30th September 2021, 4AM UTC. Click here to vote! No gas fees are needed for voting, you only need to sign a message.

What is AlunaDAO?

DAOs are internet-native organizations collectively owned and managed by their members. These communities are organized around a common cause, with their governance and decision-making process decentralized and open to all token holders.

The AlunaDAO is collectively owned and managed by the community of ALN token holders.

“Core team members are temporary leaders overseeing ALN’s transition into a 100% community-owned & self-governed project by handing the reins to AlunaDAO.” (Source: Medium)

What is Aluna’s Purpose?

Aluna is gamifying finance for the Web3 world. Our #1 goal is to help crypto traders and investors become better informed and more profitable while managing risk more efficiently.

Our first product — Aluna.Social — is a gamified social trading terminal that enables less experienced crypto enthusiasts to automatically copy-trade the best performing traders, while incentivizing the more experienced traders to share their trades. The entire community can then learn from each other and become better traders and investors. The ALN token economy is designed to incentivize the community to share and act for the greater good of the ecosystem & all participants.

We continue to build Aluna.Social and strive for it to become the best crypto social trading terminal; a guide for newcomers, tools to help members grow, and a community incentivized to share alpha.

In parallel, we’re working on new products to complement our social trading suite:

  • DeFi leaderboard
  • Social prediction games
  • On-chain copy-trading
  • Decentralized asset-management

We have great confidence in our team and we believe we will be delivering a social trading experience like no other, and soon compete within the ranks of other giants in the space (stay tuned as we will be launching a complete upgrade of the social platform quite soon with loads of extra social features!).

Finally, we’re also exploring opportunities in new verticals that are in line with our core mission and purpose and we would like the community to participate in finding these together.

AlunaDAO: Seeking The Right Owners

Aluna’s ultimate goal is long-term value creation — to grow the intrinsic value of the DAO and create value for our token owners on a long-term basis.

As your management team, we want and need a partnership with our DAO’s owners. We need that partnership to be committed to the long term, and not subject to short term whims of market disruptions, or false objectives derived from short term orientation. We need our partners to want the same things we do, namely, the long term creation of a sustainable and valuable DAO. That notion embeds ideas about sustainability, diversity, resilience, durability, and adaptability that have served as the hallmarks of Aluna since our inception.

Having the right owners with a suitable long term horizon provides us with an immense competitive advantage, enabling us to remain focused on our north star. Getting to where we are today would not happen without you as long term committed owners. For that we are greatly appreciative. Thank you.

AlunaDAO Treasury

AlunaDAO has been seeded with 45,000,000 ALN tokens, including:

These tokens started vesting on 15th March 2021, and will vest for 3 years with a 6 month cliff.

The treasury will accrue fees from the Aluna ecosystem, such as PRO subscription on the Aluna.Social platform, NFT sales, prediction games and any other generated income.

The funds are currently controlled by the core team with a multi-signature wallet, who have up until now, independently made decisions about its allocation. Moving forward, we want to involve the community in these discussions and decisions.

Join the AlunaDAO: Participate in Discussions and Governance

With the AlunaDAO formed, we aim to foster fruitful discussions as a community about the Aluna protocol and ecosystem.

Join our #Governance channel on Discord to get started.

If you hold more than 1337 ALN, type ‘!join’ to receive your Discord Role and gain access to the private #AlunaDAO channel.

Phase 1: Community Feedback

If you have an idea of a proposal that you believe would be valuable for the community, start a conversation on the #Governance channel on Discord to get a temperature check and feedback from other members, and to find peers that would be interested in working on refining and executing the proposal together.

Phase 2: Snapshot Voting

It’s really important that the proposals are clear and have a good specification so it will be easier for the community to approve and to develop the proposal.

Once you have a good specification of your proposal please join our Snapshot and post your proposal in there. You need a minimum of 1337 ALN to create a proposal on Snapshot.

We have added a framework for submitting Aluna Investment Proposals (AIPs) in AIP-1.

AIP-1 is up for voting, and will be open from 22nd September 2021 until 30th September 2021, 4AM UTC. Click here to vote! No gas fees are needed for voting, you only need to sign a message.


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