Aluna Community Update #1: 2020 Wrap Up

The year 2020 was one to remember! Despite the hiccups brought on by the pandemic, we strived and pushed forward to bring our vision of Aluna.Social to life. We’re excited to say that significant milestones were reached, although it wasn’t always easy. Here we reflect with pride on our 2020 achievements:

Aluna’s Growth in a Nutshell

Launch of Copy & Counter Copy-Trading

Check out this article to learn how copy trading works, and how to start copy trading.

New Leaderboard Feature

New additions to the Leaderboard in 2021 will include:

  • `AlunaP&L%` that discounts leverage used and normalises performance metrics across different exchanges.
  • “Reward/Risk” and “Profit Factor” stats.
  • Aluna Trading Tournaments — where users will be automatically enrolled in the Leaderboard and participate in monthly tournaments with ALN and other prizes.

Check out the live Leaderboard, or learn more about the features here.

Integration with BitMEX

Read more about how to integrate your BitMEX account with your Aluna account here.

Customised TradingView Charts and Strategy

ALN Seed Sale Was a Success

We’re currently in the midst of a new Private Sale round, to learn how you can participate check out this post. The Public Sale is scheduled for later this year (dates to be confirmed).

Aluna Token Airdrops

Although ALN tokens are currently only available to Private Sale Participants, Aluna Airdrops allow you to get your hands on some ALN that can later be used to pay for PRO subscriptions on our platform or traded on Decentralised Exchanges. ALN tokens will allow you to get discounts when paying fees, play prediction games, stake and farm.

Platform Security and Smart Contract Audit

Read CertiK’s audit report here.

Kicking off 2021 and Beyond

  1. Trading Competitions
  2. BitMEX Copy Trading
  3. Integration with more Centralised Exchanges
  4. Integration with Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes)
  5. PRO Subscription and Membership Service
  6. Automation via Trading View
  7. Private Token Sale
  8. Public Token Sale
  9. Liquidity Mining
  10. Staking and Holder Benefits
  11. Governance (Aluna DAO)
  12. Open-source Exchange Library

The next-generation gamified social trading terminal: