Introducing Aluna’s Token-Permissioned Chat Group for Crypto Traders


Public Telegram groups are often filled with spam and scam bots, and engagement is generally lacklustre. Notably, the existence of the free-rider problem discourages one from sharing valuable information with others.

Token-Permissioned Group (TPG)

Unlike traditional membership clubs, members don’t actually pay a fee to join the group, but simply have to prove ownership of their tokens to join and stay in the group. Members are free to leave the TPG at any time and sell their membership tokens on the market.

Goal of the Aluna TPG

The Aluna TPG complements the Aluna.Social platform by giving key members of the community a place to exchange information in real-time, and actively discuss crypto markets, trading, and platform features.

How It Works

To enter the Aluna TPG, one must hold at least 1337 ALN tokens in their MetaMask wallet. This minimum balance must be maintained or one will be automatically removed from the group.

The Birth of a Community Ownership Economy

We hope that with everyone’s participation and help, we can create a thriving and engaged community of crypto traders whose value as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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