Introducing the Aluna Project: Aluna.Social and ALN Token Overview

The Aluna project aims to address the lack of transparency and trust in crypto trading.


Anyone can say what they think about the market, but it’s difficult to prove if a trader puts his money where his mouth is. Among the constant noise of Crypto Twitter, Telegram, YouTube channels and other media, it is difficult to make sense of what’s actually being traded versus what’s being promoted — there is simply a lack of transparency and trust.


In 2018, we embarked on the Aluna project with the goal of creating a transparent environment where aspiring crypto traders can thrive, by combining a trading terminal with a social network.

What is Aluna.Social?

Aluna.Social is ALN’s flagship product — a multi-exchange social trading terminal for crypto traders.

On Aluna.Social, users can connect and manage multiple exchange accounts in one place, verify and share their trading performance in an unforgeable way, leverage on community insights and positive social feedback loops, and automatically copy the trades of the world’s best traders (or counter-copy the worst!).

The platform is currently in Beta, integrated with Bitmex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex, with more exchange integrations on the way.

Three notable features in the pipeline are:

  • Web3 Prediction Games
  • DeFi Leaderboard — An on-chain analytics tool for DEX traders
  • On-chain Social Trading

What is ALN?

Aluna (ALN) Token is the utility token at the heart of the Aluna ecosystem.

The core functions of ALN are to:

  1. Bootstrap the community, ecosystem, utility and liquidity.
  2. Fuel the incentive and gamification mechanisms on ALN-powered platforms.
  3. Coordinate decentralised governance and reward the community of governors.

ALN Token Allocation

65% of the total ALN supply is distributed to the community who will govern the remaining 35% held in the treasury through the Aluna DAO.

  • Early Adopters: 10%
  • Token Sale: 25%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 15%
  • Team & Advisors: 15%
  • Treasury: 35%

The total supply of ALN is 100 million.

ALN Token Distribution

ALN Token Vesting

ALN Token Vesting

ALN Token Release Schedule

ALN Token Release Schedule

ALN Tokenomics

  • EARN: Platform incentives reward active users and the best traders on the leaderboard.
  • SPEND: Users can spend ALN tokens for a discounted monthly subscription plan.
  • PLAY: Users can play Web3 prediction games (similar to binary options) using ALN tokens.
  • STAKE: Staking at least 1337 ALN provides users with platform benefits including free monthly subscription and fee discounts, while keeping 1337 ALN in your MetaMask wallet enables access to the Aluna token-permissioned Telegram chat group.
  • FARM: The Ecosystem Fund is used to bootstrap liquidity, attract a larger audience, and incentivise meaningful contribution such as by being an active or top performing trader on Aluna.Social.
  • BURN: Part of revenue generated from monthly subscription fees and gaming fees in ALN is burned.
  • GOVERN: ALN is self-governed through the Aluna DAO, enabling decentralised control and evolution of the ALN token. Governors will be able to propose and vote on usage of the treasury and other protocol improvements.

Official Links

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ERC-20 Token Address: 0x8185bc4757572da2a610f887561c32298f1a5748
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