“Trading Crypto to the Moon” Episode 6: Interview with Wulf

4 min readNov 8, 2021


Last month we completed our first-ever Aluna and BitMEX Trading Competition. The results were astounding with over 3,100 traders signing up, $532.9M in volume traded, and 100,000 ALN awarded to all the qualified participants.

Today, we’re bringing you an interview with one of the top 5 traders of the competition, @Wulf, who came in 4th with over $4million in trading volume! Wulf is a veteran in crypto trading and we couldn’t wait to get his insights on trading and the market.

Let’s jump right into it….

  1. To start with, we want to congratulate you on claiming the number #4 spot in terms of volume in the Aluna.Social Trading competition. Your results were phenomenal! Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you.

Thank you! I’m a private person generally, but what I can tell you is that I like playing video games in my spare time!

2. How long have you been trading, and how did you learn to trade?

Since 2013–2014 I have tried to learn as much as possible about Bitcoin! I’ve learned over the years by mostly trading with “learn” money and just watching videos but mainly by doing it!

3. Nice, what are your preferred exchanges for trading?


4. That’s definitely one of the top platforms right now, and we’ll be integrating it with Aluna very soon! How much do you generally risk per trade and how do you decide on the position size?

I like to take quite a lot of risks. I’m not afraid or scared. My position size is based on a percentage of my balance!

5. Do you only trade crypto or other assets as well?

Mostly crypto but also others!

6. What are some of your biggest holdings?


7. Interesting. Can you tell us more about what attracted you to CHIA, and generally what you look for when investing in a new project/coin?

A good team with a unique idea, something innovative.

CHIA attracted me because I like the idea of HDD Mining and proof of space. It also has a stock to flow model https://chiastocktoflow.com, and it’s still in the early days like Bitcoin was!

8. Sounds like we need to look into it more! What is your view on BTC vs other coins? Are you a BTC maximalist, or do you support ETH and other L1/L2 chains?

I greatly support other coins. My guess is that BTC could later on be not the main coin anymore. But it will always atleast stay!

9. That’s definitely very possible. Where do you see BTC and ETH five years from now?

Much more widely adopted with many more use cases. Tokenized things will be also a thing like owning 1% of a real estate house with Mybricks.

10. What are your views on the market now? Where do you see BTC and ETH topping out this bull run?

Don’t pin me on this one but my guess is around 100k for BTC and 12k for ETH.

11. Looking forward to that price target on ETH! Do you have any specific financial targets/goals this year, or this bull market?

Not for this year but my goal is to be financially free!

12. Most definitely. Do you have an exit strategy for this bull market? Do you plan to scale out, and if so, into which cryptos/assets and how?

Yes, each month I withdraw 10% of my profits. Also I use the rainbow chart, if we are in the red I plan to scale out!

13. Good tip. What advice would you give to new traders entering this space?

Don’t try to rush, it’s a long term game so if you could only make 1% per day, (something which is not unusual for crypto markets) it might seem like not much but if you do that for 5 years you’ll be impressed with the results.

And trade small first, it’s exactly the same with bigger amounts. But don’t use demo trading since that could not be accurate. I’m also personally not a fan of backtests either.

14. Good stuff. Any words of wisdom for our fellow crypto traders? :-)

Keep trying, don’t give up! (but that’s what everyone probably already told ya!) And use a good low fee exchange like FTX or Bybit: bit.ly/BybitAluna

15. Last but not least, what do you hope to get out of using Aluna, and would you recommend it to other crypto traders?

Yes I recommend Aluna to other traders. What I hope to get out of using Aluna is more contests for other exchanges like FTX. And an ALN subscription model for copy-trading.

FTX and Pro-Plans are coming very soon! Thanks so much for your time and insights Wulf, and congratulations again on being one of the top performers of the trading competition!

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